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Swanley District Scouts

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Campsite Rules 

Arriving at the Campsite & Opening-up Checks

  • The leader responsible for the booking is to ensure that the "On Arrival" checks are completed before using the Campsite.

Toilet Block

  • Drinking water is only available from the outside tap.
  • There is a Catering-standard blue hose to be used, which is replaced annually.
  • The drinking water tap is only to be used for filling water carriers.  Please do not leave water carriers unattended when filling them.
  • For hygiene reasons, no water bottles are to be filled from the drinking water tap, and nothing is to be washed at the drinking water tap.
  • Again, for hygiene reasons, no cooking pans, utensils, plates or cutlery are to be washed in or near to the Toilet Block.

WC Container Cabins

  • These are not available for use.

Campfires & Firewood

  • The woods are managed by coppicing. So, there is usually a plentiful supply of firewood, but please only use cut or fallen wood for campfires.  Note: The treetops and limbs along the inside of the footpath boundary fence to the east of the Campsite have intentionally been left to rot to encourage biodiversity, so please do not use them for campfires.
  • Unseasoned logs piles from this season's coppicing are not to be used for campfires.   These are marked with red & white barrier tape, which is not to be removed.
  • All other log piles may be used for campfires.
  • Only dead, standing timber may be cut without seeking prior permission from a Campsite Warden.
  • Please only light fires in established campfire circles.
  • Do not burn tins, glass or plastic on campfires.
  • Ensure fires are safe before leaving them unattended or going to bed.

Campsite Security & Members of the Public

  • To the eastern side of the campsite there is a public footpath and members of the public can stray into the Campsite.  If this should happen, politely inform them that there is no right of way through the Campsite and escort them out through the Campsite gates.
  • The western side of the Campsite is bordered by fields and a track, along which farm traffic can move at speed at all times of the day.
  • Cars may be parked on site but only in designated locations (never within a camping area) and at the owner's own risk.
  • The site has three Dene Holes, these are fenced & secured and marked as "Out of Bounds" on the Campsite Map.   If you are not familiar with Dene Holes please ask a Campsite Warden.


  • Dogs are allowed as long as they do not disturb other campers or stray off the Campsite.
  • Please treat the Campsite as you would any other public, recreational area and clean up after your dog(s).

Leaving the Campsite & Locking-up Checks

  • The leader responsible for the booking is to ensure that the "On Departure" checks are completed before leaving the Campsite.

Thank you for caring for our Campsite.

M Price Haworth
Campsite Warden
March 2021

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